Heat Control

The heat control is a very important criterion which must be taken into consideration while designing the window and glass projects. The aim of this application is to decrease the consumption of heat energy by slowing down the loss of construction heat and to provide the continuity of balanced heat environment.

Insulation Glass Unit

Double glazing is an insulation glass unit combined of two or more glass sheets. The glass sheets are put together with filled air or gas which is convenient to environment balance. This process is applicated in the factory environment.

Double glazing unit is combined with aluminium strip filled with dehumidifiying, primary leakproof polyurethane and secondary leakproof silicone. In structural glass, special double glazing (ISICAM) should be demanded on project basis in the usage of –30C and 80C temperature range outside and for the applications which are directly exposed to the sunlight without the protection by a cover or bead.

Clear, blended colourfull, coated with sun and heat control (low-e) or frosted, laminated, tempered and enameled glass panels can all be incorporated into double glazing units.

Double glazing units provide insulation by delaying heat transfer between internal and external environment. The effectiveness of insulation depends on the quality of filling and width of the intermediary space between glass panels and the emission coefficient of the coating if exists.



Special Quality Residence Glass

Oil, coal and gas reserves of the World are being consumed rapidly. The Increasing necessity of energy and environment protection requires the usage of special glass which serves more comfortness by using less energy.

The common feature of special glass providing heat and/or sun control utility is to have low light reflection coefficient. By this way, in the evening times when the sun goes down, the reflection resulted from inside lightening might be dicreased.

S Double Glazing (ISICAM S)

S double glazing is an insulation unit that is quite similar to colourless heat control coated unit low-e glass. S double glazing is advanced especially for the residences in winter conditions. S double glazing is used in very cold climates on the third surface in order to provide maximum utility from passive sun gains. Similarly, it is used in mild climate areas on the second surface in order to provide maximum utility by balancing the summer-winter conditions.

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