Hatipoglu Glass Industry, a fundemental company in its field, has launched its commercial movements in 1950’s. In those years our company started its activity with flat glass. It has begun to grow rapidly due to its point of view in following the worlds developing technology and executing the business at maximum efficiency, now it is one of the most esteemed and well-known glass industry not only in Eskisehir but also in Turkey.

In 1960’s, after the establishment of Cayirova Glass Industry, the first foundation of Turkey Bottle and Glass Factory, our company started to be the first supplier of this factory and continued its commercial activities.

Having enough capacity in glass sector and foreseeing the developing marketing activities in double-glazing, our company established one of the first double-glazing foundations, Hatipoglu Glass Industry in 1984 in Turkey.

With the help of the investments it made in 2003 our company has begun to produce tempered glass. With the opinion of not giving any compensation in quality, our company has been one of the most esteemed company in tempered glass and double-glazing projects.

Hatipoglu Glass Industry activates its utilities for lots of sectors using special featured double-glazing and tempered glass in its 8.500 mē closed and 20.000 mē total area in Eskisehir Organized Industry Residence in Eskisehir. Besides this, it can support the required distribution with the vehicle fleet which it organized.

Hatipoglu Glass Industry produces 60.000 mē tempered glass and 12.000 mē double glazing glass per month. The processes applied to glass in Hatipoglu Glass Industry, are cutting, edging process, flat edging, both of them can be applied as mat or polished), shaping, drilling, printing, (normal and satin screen printing), tempering, double edging process, perpendicular edging process, etc.. Besides this, It also produce double glazing, climate controlled double glazing, silicone and transparent panels (coating).

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